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Choose from a variety of free on-demand webinars for K-12 educators, offered by the Rutgers Gifted Education Program.

Creating Choice Menus

Choice menus can be used to differentiate content, process, and product for advanced learners in the regular classroom. This session will present the rationale and design features of menus and explore various menus used for different purposes. Choice menus work extremely well in heterogeneous classrooms as alternative activities when students are compacted out of mastered grade level content. Continue to webinar.

Curriculum Compacting

Curriculum compacting is a valuable differentiation tool that teachers can use to effectively meet the needs of gifted learners in heterogeneous classrooms. After pre-assessment to document student mastery of curricular content, teachers use compacting to replace learned content with advanced learning opportunities for students. This webinar will focus on practical tools for implementing curriculum compacting with K-8 students. Continue to webinar.

Collaborating and Consulting to Promote Gifted Education

Many gifted learners spend most of their academic learning time in a regular classroom. A lack of available classroom material to challenge gifted learners can be frustrating for teachers and students. Finding the time and structures to working with classroom teachers to integrate differentiated strategies into the regular education classrooms can be challenging for a gifted education specialist. This webinar will focus on collaborative professional learning structures that gifted education and regular education teachers can implement together to support gifted learners in the regular classroom. Continue to webinar.

Gifted Identification Basics: Matching Students to Services

Every educator works with gifted students. Gifted and talented children deserve an education appropriate to their needs and talents—and our society stands to benefit greatly from the contributions these individuals can make. This webinar will focus on the basics of identifying gifted students and how to match these students to the appropriate services. Continue to webinar.

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Differentiation of Instruction

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