Worried about paying for courses before your district's reimbursement comes through? Many K-12 educators tell us that they need help covering tuition and fees before they receive funds through their school district's tuition reimbursement program. The Rutgers Federal Credit Union offers a... more
Coming this summer, Rutgers University–New Brunswick will offer three intensive one-week residential summer academies for students ages 16-18 focusing on engineering, STEM, and leadership. The programs will feature presentations and activities with Rutgers faculty, field trips, and guest... more
The 2016 Rutgers Gifted Education Conference will be held November 18, 2016.  Take a deep dive into gifted education best practices, hear about the latest research, and find inspiration to energize your work with gifted learners at the November 18, 2016 Rutgers Gifted Education... more
Collaborating and Consulting to Promote Gifted Education Many gifted learners spend most of their academic learning time in a regular classroom. A lack of available classroom material to challenge gifted learners can be frustrating for teachers and students. Finding the time and structures to... more
Special topics: creativity and education (​course code 15:294:540 1.5 credits​)​​ ​We are pleased to introduce a new special topics course, Creativity and Education. This short, focused summer offering can be taken before or after the certificate series. Addresses theories of... more