Beth C.

Profile: Beth C. Rubin

Professor; Coordinator, Social Studies Education Program; Chair of the Educational Theory, Policy and Administration (ETPA) department

As an educational researcher, I use critical, sociocultural frameworks and qualitative tools to investigate how young people develop, both as learners and as citizens, amid the interwoven contexts of classroom, school, and community. I explore, through school based ethnographic study, how youth civic identity and belonging take shape within local contexts marked by history, culture, politics and economics, and I consider the intersections and implications of memory, identity and belonging. I work with teachers to design and study curricular and pedagogical innovations that attend to the complexities of youth civic learning amid historical and contemporary injustice.

I design my classroom - both in my early career teaching secondary school social studies and now, training new teachers and educational researchers in social studies education, urban education, and qualitative research methods - for active learning, critical thinking and an interweave of theory and practice. I also run projects and programs that engage students, pre-service teachers and teachers in critical action research. I join with others in reimagining social studies as a space to disrupt oppression and nurture connection and critical engagement, as I speak about in this recent talk at the University of Michigan.

Current Projects

"Creating Civically Engaged Districts: Socially Transformative Design to Cultivate and Integrate Youth Civic Voice," funded by the Spencer Foundation

"Public Histories, Situated Citizenships: Educating for Democracy in Divided Societies," supported by the Rutgers Institute for Research on Women

"Youth in Action: Partnership for Civic Learning and Engagement,"  funded by Rutgers Community-University Research Partnership Grants for New Brunswick

Professional Affiliations

American Educational Research Association
American Anthropological Association
College and University Faculty Assembly of the National Council for the Social Studies

Recent Grants

2018-2019 Spencer Foundation Grant

2018-2019  Institute for Research on Women Fellowship, Rutgers University

2017 New Brunswick-Rutgers Collaborative Research Grant

2014 GAIA Grant

2013 Fulbright Scholar Award

2011 Schumann Family Foundation, Research Grant

2009 Overbrook Foundation, Research Grant

2009 CESEP Public Scholarship and Service Learning Curriculum Development Grant

2007 Spencer Foundation Research Grant

2004 Institute for Research on Women Fellowship, Rutgers University

2004 Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement Research Grant

2003-2005 National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship


2001 University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Education Ph.D., Education (Social and Cultural Studies)
1992 Brown University, M.A.T., Social Studies Education
1989 Oberlin College, B.A., Government, Third World Studies

Expertise & Research Interest

Social Studies

History and Memory
Civic Engagement
Race & Equity in Education
Qualitative Research
Civic Learning and Belonging

Research Work With Students

My current research project on civic learning and identity in post-conflict Guatemala, “Civic Learning and Teaching in Guatemalan Schools,” is funded by a Fulbright Scholar grant. The “Youth Participatory Action Research in the Classroom” study (with Mayida Zaal and Jennifer Ayala), funded by the Overbrook Foundation and the Schumann Fund for New Jersey, explores the integration of youth civic action research into social studies classrooms. In “Teaching for Civic Learning in Diverse Social Studies Classrooms,” funded by the Spencer Foundation, I worked with teachers in diverse high school social studies classrooms to develop, implement, and study the impact of an approach to civic education designed to build builds upon students’ experiences and concerns while developing the content knowledge and critical skills necessary for empowered democratic participation.

Recent & Selected Publications

2019 Beth C. Rubin, Eric Freedman and Jongsung Kim, Design research in social studies education: Critical lessons from an emerging field. New York: Routledge. 

2012 Beth C. Rubin, Making citizens: Transforming civic learning for diverse social studies classrooms. New York: Routledge.

2008 Beth C. Rubin and James Giarelli, Editors, Civic education for diverse citizens in global times: Rethinking theory and practice. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

2003 Beth C. Rubin and Elena M. Silva, Editors, Critical voices in school reform: Students living through change. New York & London: RoutledgeFalmer.


In press  Beth C. Rubin and Hana Cervinkova. Challenging silences: Historical memory and democratic citizenship education in Poland and Guatemala. Anthropology & Education Quarterly.

2017  Beth C. Rubin and Matilde Ivic de Monterroso. De los escenarios politicos a la práctica: el desarrollo de la identidad cívica en distintos contextos educativos de Guatemala. Revista, 34, 58-66.

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