Important Update

Beginning September 1, 2020, the Rutgers University–New Brunswick Office of Summer and Winter Sessions will no longer be participating in the Rutgers Gifted Education Certificate Program and conference. All inquiries should be directed to the Rutgers Graduate School of Education.

Online Certificate Program

To help New Jersey school districts meet the challenges of educating the gifted, Rutgers offers a graduate certificate series for K-12 educators, resource specialists, counselors and administrators.

This special program draws on input from district superintendents and educators, parents, the Educational Resource and Information Center, and statewide advocates for gifted children, including the New Jersey Association for Gifted Children. The program includes course work that explores the social and emotional development of the gifted child, pedagogy, instructional strategies and the development and administration of a gifted education program. The series is geared not only to classroom and resource teachers but also to librarians, child study team members, guidance counselors, administrators, and parents. It culminates in an applied practicum experience tailored to the needs of individual participants. Apply to the program.


This exceptional program is designed for professionals with bachelor's degrees who seek graduate-level professional development in gifted education. The series is particularly recommended for:

  • Classroom teachers
  • Gifted program teachers and coordinators
  • Educational resource specialists
  • School and district administrators
  • School counselors and child study team members
  • Parents


  • Develop an appropriate identification model for a gifted program, using national and state standards as a guide
  • Tailor intervention services to meet the needs of gifted learners in school, including those from poverty and culturally diverse backgrounds
  • Use identification data to construct meaningful program options for gifted learners at each relevant stage of development
  • Develop strategies for collaborating with the families of these learners on their needs
  • Provide counseling and guidance on issues critical to these students’ development, including negative stereotyping, goal-setting, expectations, and underachievement
  • Design a program plan for gifted education that highlights need, relevant research, goals, outcomes, roles and responsibilities, and assessment approaches
  • Develop appropriate classroom-based programs for the gifted
  • Apply theories of creativity and high level inquiry-based instructional strategies to enhance gifted student learning
  • Develop effective strategies to work with schools, teachers, and families to intercede and/or advocate for gifted learners
  • Evaluate research on major curriculum models and interventions for gifted and special needs learners
  • Demonstrate knowledge of important legal provisions, standards, policies, and issues that affect gifted education and analyze their educational implications
  • Collaborate with relevant school personnel, parents, and other stakeholders on student issues and classroom concerns, using culturally competent behavior
  • Use best practices and relevant policies to improve teaching and guide professional growth
Please note: This is a rigorous graduate-level professional development program offered by Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. It is not a state teaching certification program.